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” Jim is competent, courteous, and effective . . . “

” Jim showed the utmost legal knowledge, expertise, mastery, experience, and attention to details. I was informed and involved in every step. Superb! “

” Trained in both biology and chemistry, Jim understands everything I talk about as a physician-medical, pharmaceutical, and physiological processes. He is very informed and up-to-date. “

” Mr. Ganz was extremely competent in managing my case as he thought to apply a federal law to my case that was not a Florida law and the judge decided to uphold it. He thought outside of the box and it was why we won our case. ┬áThe judge as well as the staff in the courtroom seemed to have respect for him as he was extremely professional during all aspects of the case. “

” Mr. Ganz was extremely knowledgeable about not only the medicine of my case but also with the logistics of being a provider in the Emergency Room. “

” Marc was extremely knowledgeable of the medicine involved in my case. He was well read, well versed and also had a large network of experts to consult with who were of the highest quality and reputation. “

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