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What you should expect when you enter a place of business:

No one goes to the store, enters a movie theater, goes to a sporting event, goes to the mall or enters any business site and expects to be confronted with dangers.  If you have gone to any of those locations, you are considered a business invitee.  The owner of the property has a duty to warn of any known dangers and hazards.  They also have an obligation to have procedures in place to look for dangers and remove and or repair those dangers/hazards.

What types of dangers/hazards:   

Businesses should look out for uneven surfaces, cracks in walking areas, poor lighting, spills and trash in areas of traffic, properly secured doors, proper handrails, proper markings on steps and walkways, properly working elevators, escalators and emergency stairwells.  The parking areas should be safe, well lit, and properly marked.

How to Identify Premise Liability –

If you experienced a fall at a place of business, you may have a right to be compensated for your injuries.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Were you lawfully at the location of the injury?  
  • Did you fall because of any of the danger/hazards identified above?
  • Did you require medical attention?
  • Did the business quickly ask you to complete an incident report or offer to pay your medical bills?
  • Did you notice hazards that were not being addressed by the business?
  • Did you see others have similar falls in the same area?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you should seek consultation.

Experienced and Ready to Serve –

The attorneys of Nosich & Ganz are a Florida-based law firm with decades of combined experience handling thousands of premise liability medical malpractice matters. If you or your loved ones believe you may have experienced an injury from a slip and fall in Florida, do not lose valuable time. Call our team at Nosich & Ganz and we will help you explore your legal rights.

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