State/County:   Florida/Miami-Dade County

Date of Verdict: August 12, 2015 

Name of Case: Haydee Espinosa v. Basketball Properties, Ltd. 

Counsel for Plaintiff: Paul Sack, Esquire and Bruce Yegelwel, Esquire 

Counsel from Nosich & Ganz

On Behalf of Defendant: Marc P. Ganz, Esquire and Alicia Carazo, Esquire

Age/Sex/Occupation of Plaintiff: 62-year-old/female/bank teller

Cause of Action: Alleged slip and fall at American Airlines Arena

Damages: Plaintiff alleged that she suffered a herniated disc in the C5-C6, C6-C7 region resulting in a need for fusion surgery at two levels.  Plaintiff also contended that she experienced a meniscus injury to one knee and other wrist ailments as a result of the fall. 

Verdict: Defense verdict.

Comments by Marc Ganz:  Even though the injuries were significant in light of the cervical fusion and medical bills were $150,000.00, the jury recognized that there was no basis for Plaintiff to contend that Basketball Properties, Ltd. knew or should have known of any hazard and that Plaintiff herself could not testify as to what caused her fall.