STATE/COUNTY: Florida/Miami-Dade County Courthouse

DATE OF VERDICT: September 29, 2006

NAME OF CASE: Carmen Garcia, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Angela M. Garcia, deceased, and Ania Carmona, as surviving daughter of Angela M. Garcia v. William H. Kranichfeld, M.D. and Jose Escalante, M.D., et al.

COUNSEL FOR PLAINTIFFS: Christos Lagos, Esq. and Robert Ratiner, Esq., RATINER & LAGOS, P.A., Miami, Florida

COUNSEL FROM McGRANE, NOSICH & GANZ, P.A.: James J. Nosich, Esq. and Justin Arnold, Esq.

AGE/SEX/OCCUPATION OF PLAINTIFF: Decedent was a 43 year old female. Occupation - production line at meat packing company.

CLIENT OF McGRANE, NOSICH & GANZ: Emergency Department Physician, William Kranichfeld, M.D.

CAUSE OF INJURY: Plaintiff alleged that the cause of the decedent=s death from an aortic dissection was due to the failure of the emergency department physician=s, William Kranichfeld, M.D., and the cardiologist=s failure to diagnose the dissection and refer the patient to a cardiovascular surgeon.

DAMAGES: At the time of death, the decedent was survived by a 16 year old daughter.

VERDICT: Verdict for the Defendants.

COMMENTS BY JIM NOSICH: The Defendants conceded that a timely diagnosis and referral to a surgeon would have prevented the decedent’s death.